Birds at my backyard!

Many good things are inspired or followed from our parents. Birds are one among those which take special place in my life. I think that was really inherited from my mother. She still feeds few birds which often come and call her at the kitchen window. It will be a surprise for you to know that there are generations of birds which comes. May be for the last 10- 15 years or so. I have seen the Rufous Tree Pie ( Olenjali) parents bringing them to the window and even they follow with their unique call to get their piece of cake or a biscuit.

Like every summer this time also there were 2 mud pots kept for them. Many come for bath or for taking a gulp. I have seen the following birds this time but could click only few of them. Eagle, white-breasted waterhen , Bulbul, Robin, Finges, Jungle Babler, Kingfisher, Crows, Rufous Tree Pie and many.

I could click few photos of White breasted waterhen and bulbul.

The water hen ( is so cautious that I couldn’t move even I was zooming from the room. My small moves made her retreat. She looked very nervous and sensitive to any sound or movements. Then came the Bulbul ( There were a bunch of them always flying around but this time a lonely one came for a bath. I was able to go around and it didn’t show any sign of panic. First it came and sat on the rim of the mud pot ( Chatty) and started observing around for any cats. Once it made sure its safe, it started flocking its wing in the water. This was going on for a 5 minutes. Once it finished it started drying it wings and feather by vibrating it.

Felt as if grooming session was more than the bathing time. Sharing few of the shots and look forward for your comment….!


Back to Music

Back to Music

A passion that takes you to the ecstasy of sound…! Undoubtedly that’s the magic of music…

When you get back to your favorite music as a serious listener is something like replaying that perfect combination of nostalgic tunes and the pleasure it gives you back the harmony of peacefulness. It’s indeed relaxing…!

So let me get back to what I wanted to share about my Musical Sunday mornings…! Looking beyond the balcony through your first layer of greenery..first one my micro farming… grow bag with curry leaves then few tomato plants. Next layer the garden lawn ( bit dried up some parts due to hot summer) then the third layer  the far away trees with lush green tops.. Amazing feeling for any nature lover…! Road is lazy being a Sunday… Silent…! Mind feels really relaxing and refreshing.

The perfect ambience set for listening to the beautiful songs of many extra ordinary artistes that grabbed me, to be honest very few new comers in my list. The collection from the audio tapes to cd took some time. Thanks to Landmark shop my preferred online music shop and very prompt and perfect in delivery and even they replaced one poor quality cd. Still I have few good old cd’s bought in 1998 from Music world, Brigade Road, Bangalore, especially AIR SUPPLY and But Seriously by Phil Collins and few other I have lost like Black or White from MJ and Candle in the wind by Elton John along with few Micheal Bolton numbers, Vanessa Williams too. Looking forward collecting them again. Tracy Chapman is the favorite in my list.

The beginning was filled with Madonna and Michael Jackson..Papa Don’t preach to Bad…Thriller… a stage that was driven by unknown factors and may be news or availability of cassettes. The big banner was Magnasound. First generation Indian Pop world was having Alisha Chinoy, Parvathi Khan, Bally Sagoo,  Remo Fernades, Sunita Rao , Lucky Ali, Rageswari, Anaida  and Baba Sehgal. Then came the Colonial Cousins and Mohit Chauhan which really came to my India top list. I would love to have Lucky Ali and Mohit Chauhan back on my rack.

But when you keep on  listening more you get used to the comfort zone of listening and my favorites for Sundays included the following;

Phill Collins

Brayan Adams




Eric Clapton


Kenny Rogers

Lionel Richie                           



Tracy Chapman

Rode Stewart

Pink Flloyd

Among these my best starts with Phil Collins – Both sides really captivated me.

The music systems:

The cassette era was with a National Panasonic Stereo player , a plastic shelled box with the trendy design of 80’s. No extra bass button no extra ordinary features and beyond a certain level of volume it can vibrate a lot.

Next was the era of Audio cd and still my favorite mode of transport. Started off JVC  Micro Compo system with fabulous Bass and treble and it was cute and perfect. It really redefined the way of listening to music in 90’s and later came the big brother category a KENWOOD with multiple pieces of CD Player , Equalizer, Tuner, Amplifier and cassette deck with big speakers. It was a blasting experience to listen with awesome clarity.  The prime time of your teenage crossover was musically fabulous. I always cherished to have such a quality sound back .

Then you transformed your life to a different path of hunting for a career and job. Your luxury got cut down to the availability and the music was still alive with the most popular device ( Ipod of that generation) called WALKMAN from Sony.

Then you started to loose time and you got busy with many things in life. But even in this lean patch there was a Philips Audio system to support. That was long pause. Once again it sounds too good when you find your favorite free time involvement.

The process starts with your selection of system and budgeting challenges. Then you start collecting your lost cds and favorite albums. The biggest challenge was to find the best combination of the trio..The CDP+AMPLIFIER + SPEAKERS…Indeed it was great help from my good friend called Bibin, who is a die hard DIY maker of audio systems and a perfectionist in building components from Amplifiers to speakers. He gave me lot of inputs and those made me to understand the combination well.

After experimenting with many vintage components I settled down for a NAD 302 amp and YAMAHA NSA 368 Speakers and very ordinary SONY DVD player as a transport ( Which needs to be replaced very soon)

So it feel s really great to be back with music as a serious listener. The new addition of John Mayer and  the combo of Angus – Julius Stone gives me immense pleasure to get lost in music. I have shared few of my photos of my music world in FB as well.



Morning looked very refreshing but my daughter was having cough and cold. That really makes you feel uneasy as a parent but comparing many other bigger issues this will be alright soon. She shouted at me and told in very high tone….

” Achan ……..tata…..! I waved back and left to office.

Bit early than my normal time, I opened the door and to my surprise few are already seated there and majority are ladies and the surprising factor was their dress code. They all are in Saree. The most popular dress in India the most elegant as well as glamorous to me. It has all the ingredients for a lady..One can be elegant one can be sweet and even the saree can be sexy as well.

Being a graphic designer clothes were also closer to me. I got much acquaintance with saree when I was in Chennai. The once in a while visit back home gave me chances to buy sarees for my mom. What makes me feel great about her taste is her simplicity and elegance. She is a 100% fan of 100% cotton Sarees.She loved whatever i select.

I think i really knew her tastes very well. May be my tastes were more matured and i honestly believe that’s why my choice of selection never come closer to my wife’s choice. I explored sarees, learned about many…Bathic to Kotta, organdi to bengal cotton.. But i was captivated by one because of it’s simplicity and elegance. That came from a village / town called ” Negamam” and its called ” Negamam Cotton”. It had tied bunch of threads on the edges, borders and well designed with minimal texture/graphics. The fancy glossy work was very limited to the borders and not much on the surface. I am not sure it still carries the same pattern and design or got transformed with demanding trend.

I explored many shops especially in T.Nagar, Pondy Bazaar from Nally’s to Pothys etc but in a hurry it was always Shekar Emporium at Kodambakam.

Thanks to the saree wearing  ladies of calpine for making me rewind my memories back to 2003.

I think the amazing mother son relationship is always precious and I feel which can’t be compared with any thing in this world. I think I am restarting my blog after a long time and a pleasure to write some thing which is very close to my heart. I think it has been long since I gave her the Negamam Cotton saree…let me get one for her soon…!


Monsoon moods!




As always rain has some magic to grab me…my eyes get lost in them and always love to watch them. Indeed this view is from my desk which is on the 4th floor. Beautiful panorama of the skyline with transforming with in minutes…the new set of clouds gets ready to shower….but amazingly, this years rain looks bit more aggressive….!

Back to the writing pad..!

A long pause with a valid excuse says ” No time” was the reason for not coming up with any blogs in the recent times. Had so many topics and threads to weave, but some how felt it won’t be crafted well. As Gita says do with conviction which will lead to perfection, don’t try with half mind.
The day today news of crime and hostilities always told me to drop lines, a recent tweet shared a video link about the Syrian uncertainities and the innocent kids getting trapped between the shells and bombs. The scenes were touching. The tweet mentioned ” view before it is removed”.
When you look at the world one side you can see healthy people getting killed with out any reason..the other side doctors battle diseases. The 2 sides of the same coin called LIFE. You feel lucky and blessed that you are having a peaceful life, except the road accidents few political killings.
You are upset over the exploitation of natural resources in the name of development. The river bed has been digged to its core. Hills and mountains are flattened. Media always higlights it and I wonder why there is no such rules to stop it.
So many questions are there but we can find hardly any answer. Why the red buses in Kochi doesnt have door, why do they break the road rules, why cant the driver’s seat to be brought down to the floor level. It all ends up here..the administration which consists of same people like you and me. We elected them and send them to rule us and manage us. So the answer for these issues lies with in us.
I think we need to learn to find right solutions rather than playing the blame games. if you look at the political or social discussions, it is hard to listen to any one.

I think the new year will do more rethinking about the outlook of the situations and I hope my blogging will continue from here…..!

Glimpses that grabs me!

Once in a while a visit to native is a pleasure than a leisure. The surroundings once you are used and later missed will come back to life.
The sapling you planted might have grown beyond your shoulder, it might even started to bear fruit or even started giving you the comfort of shade.
The newly built walls might have been coated with lush green fungus and turned grey…few creepers might have crawled over them.
The windows and doors might carry fresh coat of polish.

The recent visit I was just wandering all over the plot, each every corner I am familiar. The mango trees looked very big and the mangoes looked far away and smaller in size.
We have a total of 7 mango trees and 5 of them had mangoes. Few of them are threatening the boundary walls and there were efforts to chop their heavy branches to save the walls. Seems there are only very few wood cutters around my place and hard to get them. This really saved these trees. They form a comfort zone for the birds. My mother who loves the trees, plants and birds oh forgot even cats. Her mercy has allowed the white flowering creeper to swallow the clove tree. It has really ambushed the tree totally. I could feel how suffocated the clove tree is. It looked like Greeco roman wrestling hope you got what I mean.

When I turned to the left side of the house we have a Champakka tree. This tree is awesome to watch when they flower and they bear fruit, from light to dark pink.
The soil, the shrubs, the birds, the cats, the shadows.. it’s all so refreshing… Do you all enjoy these minor things with such a depth? I wonder….!
These photos really grabs me to my native. These are very ordinary moments but the impact it creates is such nostalgic. I bet you wont be able to see what I have in mind.

I would suggest you to rewind those moments and scenes which you might have crossed over long back. Rewind them..Glance through them, I bet it will refresh you a lot ,other wise it will fade forever…!!! Some memories has to last long .. so long like the AMARON battery Ad caption… Or else you are lost in the world of madness!

Conflict: Habitat V/s Development

The reason behind this instant blog is a call I made to my wife.. As usual I just went outside of the office cabin and was peeping through the window while waiting for the other end to pick it up. But the deep sleep and silent mode might be the reason for not answering my call, I knew she might be tired and fall asleep.
Approximate 500 mtrs away I can see the modern monument , prestige for the communist government coming up at infopark called Athulya, Few north Indian workers were calling the nature in their hurry to give the finishing touches to the building. This land was a short cut by walk to the infopark in 2005 not sure how many of you might have traveled or trekked through that adventurous path. Monsoon it used to be slippery. Just below the area which is near to the building I stand my eyes were searching for that greenery which was very visible till last week or two weeks ago. I was bit sad by the fact the lush green bushes and trees had disappeared along with beautiful and different types of birds and butterflies instead what I could see is the hard working JCB’s and TATA HITACHI’s and few HMT tractors and interestingly giving them more and more work load by the notorious tippers of cochin. Some where they flatten the hill and mountains to get the soil to fill these water bodies, ponds creeks, gutters,…occasionally the contractors Toyota innova used to ply to make sure the filling is done quickly and to have his business calculation ends up in profit. I was astonished to see such changes happening so fast, it toally changed the demography of the virgin land. The habitat transforms in the developmental tsunami.
Development comes through the sacrifice of valuable natural resources and eco system. I know few of you will feel sad. For human beings when your habitat is taken away for development you get a replacement for your land. Do we have any law telling that every tree you chop should be replaced by three saplings and these saplings should be taken cared by the builder for the coming 1 year? Before cutting the tree, every bird nest should be kept till the eggs are hatched..Sounds funny right but it is not funny my friend. Nature is like our mother, she has supreme patience levels the worst she does is withdrawal and we know the vacuum it creates. Like wise our nature also does the same but in different forms, it becomes wilder as if it has lost its life and soul. Don’t realize what it does and how it will behave.
If you are working at Thapsya building of Infopark, this the classic and vintage building of Infopark is the first and oldest still having it’s own charm and beauty. It was like a ground zero few years back. This lonely building stood like a legend and now the landmarks are brand new ones. Every afternoon it was a great feeling to stand on the rear exit stair area which gives you a panoramic view of its back yard as well as afternoon breeze from the west. Inside the boundary walls you can see few trees and one near to it has many flowers and more birds than the flowers. There was one family of dogs 2 infants and a mother. Recently they have disappeared. Some of us were telling about these dogs about their luck to be inside the secured walls of infopark. I felt too thinking they are the lucky doggies with no scarcity for food.

Let us look beyond the wall.. it’s all green.. There used to be so many birds.. From bulbul to maina … if I cans earch the scientific names I bet it will cross more than 15.
There used to be a water body with green coated surface with the weed. Somany birds used to relax on the shore. The accasia tree used to be their favorite joint. Even it doesn’t look like a man made beautiful garden, but it definitely looked a rough natural surrounding with these natural elements. The small break gives your eyes an unmatched comfort by looking at these living things.

When I rewind my thoughts about development especially on the past what you and me have seen is temples and forts ..but did they really spoil the eco system? Do they replace more greenery? I wonder sometimes why we human not trying compensate for what we spoil. It is true we can’t live without modern facilities. But what we can do and what we are not doing is not giving healing touches to the wound we are making as well as we have made to the nature. We make fun of any social activist who raises her or his voice against such destruction in the name of construction.
But being an optimist I hope who ever builds the huge parks will or should provide ample area for the trees and vegetation.

Just feel like telling those birds…
Dear birds I miss you along with my friends. Wish I can hear your chirps and songs. Your cute little flights against the breeze give me some comfort to watch. Where did you go? Hope you found a place where no other parks will come and take away your trees and ponds. I hope this summer is not that tough for you but let’s hope the monsoon will be here soon. I spotted few of your friends on those few trees waiting to be chopped, wish you had taken them with you…! Wish could tell them these trees will also go soon..!